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Art ROC Basel offers unique and tailored abstract painting experiences for offices & homes



Rachel Ougier Simonin has had multiple lives - senior executive, auto-entrepreneur, proud Mum of a little girl and abstract painter!

She grew up in a little village in the French Alps. She is used to doing art and crafts since she is little, with an art teacher dad that would entertain the family!

While she always painted, she worked for 20 years in Paris as an executive for various international companies. She moved with her family from Paris to Basel (Switzerland) five years ago for a new job. After that, everything changed! As she settled in with her young daughter, she went through a complicated divorce and discovered her job would not last long. She had to reinvent herself to cope with all this uncertainty. It was quite a lot at once, and at first she panicked. All she could think of were different scenarios where she would end up living under a bridge with her daughter! "You're so dramatic," a friend once said to her! That made Rachel think again. After all, pessimism was never her thing. So why not take the future in your own hands?!

She decided to use the time to fulfill her dreams and used her all her free time to paint. To this day, she has no idea what tomorrow will bring, but since doing what she loves, she's coping with not knowing a lot better!

Rachel Ougier Simonin has painted all her life: creating is a strong part of her. What she particularly loves is the magical moment when she no longer directs the brush, but the paint equally guides her. "In the end, I become one with the painting. It is an amazing feeling when the magic happens, and a part of me ends up in the canvas" she says.

She had to step out of her comfort zone to become an artist entrepreneur, as she was “just” an employee before. It also takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, to take risks and to be able to deal with the criticisms that your art triggers. «I have experienced how resilient I can be, and that it is worth trying again and again when you love what you do" says Rachel. Introvert by nature, she was also pleasantly surprised to see how many people are touched with her paintings. She has also received a lot of encouragement, good advises, and lots of laughs. That alone made the trip worthwhile!

Rachel creates single paintings, as well as collections, for businesses and homes - and ships anywhere. You can either purchase paintings as they are, or engage with her on co-creation experience! Together you can adjust an existing collection, or imagine a new one to match your office or home. "All what matters is that you are positively touched!" wishes Rachel!

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